Big Clean Switch

Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership has teamed up with the Big Clean Switch campaign so you can help your staff and stakeholders switch to clean energy at home.

The Big Clean Switch campaign is a great way to engage staff on energy and sustainability issues, enabling them to save money by switching to the cheapest clean tariffs. Its free to take part and we’ve got all the campaign materials you’ll need to get staff switching.

Clean energy made easy

The Big Clean Switch website makes it a doddle to compare existing home energy tariffs with a range of clean suppliers, and if your staff like what they see, they can switch there and then. Better still, for every switch, Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership (ISEP) will receive £19 to put towards local community energy projects.

Reasons to help people switch

Why should your organisation help its staff and stakeholders to switch to clean energy? We think there are a lot of great reasons!

  1. They want to! 
    Roughly four in five consumers support the use of renewables and want to switch. The reasons they don’t are mainly about inertia and misperception – that green energy is expensive (it’s not), that it’s hard to switch (it isn’t), or that they could face power cuts when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine (they won’t – they’ll still get their power from the national grid). By helping to overcome these barriers, you can help give your stakeholders something they already want, but didn’t know they could get!
  2. It’ll probably save them money
    This is the really crazy bit. Over 60% of households are still with one of the larger suppliers, on what are known as their ‘standard variable’ tariffs. The most competitive clean tariffs are considerably cheaper than these rates. In fact, the homes switched so far by the Big Clean Switch have saved an average of £165 a year. So not only will you be giving your stakeholders something they want, you’ll also be saving many of them money in the process.
  3. Added value – supporting ISEP’s work in Islington Whenever you change supplier through a website like Big Clean Switch, your new energy company pays the website a commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the tariff, and Big Clean Switch uses the income to help fund the campaign. But, whenever anyone switches through their dedicated Islington landing page, they’ll also share a third of the commission with ISEP, so we can use it to help fund local community energy schemes in Islington.
  4. Supporting a growing part of the British economy The renewables industry in the UK already employs 100,000 people, and has the potential to grow to become a backbone of the British economy. That’s because most clean electricity used in the UK is generated in the UK, helping to support British jobs and reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels.
  5. Did we mention it’s good for the planet?
    And of course, clean energy helps to tackle air pollution and fight climate change!

How it works

You are welcome to promote the switching site ( to anyone you wish – staff, friends, family and any other stakeholders you may have in your organisation. If you’d like to track how many people from your organisation make the switch to clean energy (for your sustainability report etc.) then just send an email to and request your organisation’s name is added to the drop down list on the landing page.

From there, the process is:

  1. Promote the switch
    We’ve provided a set of template emails and social media images (download below) to use to promote the switch to your employees (and other stakeholders if you choose). Feel free to amend the copy to suit your organisation and messaging.
  2. They get a quote
    Individuals visit the Big Clean Switch ISEP page, pop in their postcode, email address and select the name of your organisation from the drop-down list (so we can let you know how many people have switched from your organisation). They’re then asked for some details about their current supplier and energy use, before being given a set of quotes for different clean suppliers. Each compares the price of the deal with what they’re paying for their energy with their existing supplier.
  3. If they like what they see, they can switch right away
    Once they’ve decided which quote to go for, the next step asks them to enter their direct debit details on a secure page – and that’s it. They’ll be sent an automatic confirmation email with all the details (which supplier they’re moving from, which they’re moving to, what the rates and estimated savings are, and so on). The email will also confirm that they have a statutory 14 day ‘cooling off period’ during which they can change their mind, and provide details of how to cancel the order if they do.
  4. Everything else is done for them
    From there, their new supplier will contact the old one to notify them of the move. If the old supplier doesn’t challenge the switch (because the account is in arrears, for example), then the new one will contact the customer to confirm the date the switch will take place. On the day itself, the customer will need to provide a meter reading, and that’s all – the old supplier stops charging and the new one begins.

Download your campaign materials

Big Clean Switch ISEP email templates – template email copy for you to promote clean energy to your staff and stakeholders. The 3 consecutive emails encourage people to visit Big Clean Switch website and get a clean energy quote. Adapted the copy to suit your particular organisation and messaging.

Big Clean Switch Social Media Posts – A number of different designs fro Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to choose the ones you think would work best in your organisation and include @Islington_SEP for a retweet.

Big Clean Switch_Guide & FAQs – Got questions about switching? Boss worried about risks in promoting the campaign? What to understand more about ‘clean energy’ and the team behind the Big Clean Switch? Read this guide for all the answers.


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